About Growing Years

We believe that each child’s development should be an even and well balanced progression that allows success socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and creatively.

At Growing Years Preschool, we provide an atmosphere which promotes respect for each other, opportunities to develop an active curiosity about the world they live in and an enthusiasm for learning.

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Learning Approach

Our program is hands-on and play-based. It includes child-initiated themes and a balance between child and teacher directed activities.

Various activities are offered in our program: dramatic play, block play, art activities, puzzles, literature, science, cooking, developmentally approved learning of letters and numbers, lots of music, games and outdoor play.

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  • Star of the Week

    Star of the Week

    An opportunity for each child to be celebrated as an individual and for classmates to share and learn about one another.
  • Share Days

    Share Days

    Students can bring an item to share with classmates every Wednesday and Thursday. Books and CD's are welcome any day.
  • Birthdays


    Birthday boys and girls are given a special birthday crown and their classmates will help celebrate by singing "Happy Birthday!"
  • Parent's Night Out

    Parent's Night Out

    Parents need fun too! Parent's Night Out is offered every other Saturday from 5-11pm. Dinner is provided and siblings are welcome.
  • Holidays and Theme Days

    Holidays and Theme Days

    We have many theme days throughout the year which give your child an opportunity to learn, dress up, and have fun.
  • Portfolios


    At the end of the school year each parent will receive a portfolio full of the year's memories, accomplishments, and art projects.