Our Program

Learning Approach

We provde a hands-on program that is play-based and includes child-initiated themes and a balance between child and teacher directed activities.

Various activities are offered in our program: dramatic play, block play, art activities, puzzles, literature, science, cooking, developmentally approved learning of letters and numbers, lots of music, games and outdoor play.

Our Classes

The children in our program are divided into small groups according to age. We have a teacher/child ratio of 1/10, sometimes 2/16. Group size may vary on any given day.


A morning snack and an afternoon snack are provided and included in the tuition price. We serve lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Parents are responsible for providing a lunch for their child if they follow an extended half day or full day schedule.

Nap/Rest time

Children enrolled in the full day program are required to nap/rest from 1:00 pm -3 :00pm. Children are not forced to sleep but rather encouraged by gentle music and back rubbing. If a child cannot sleep, quiet resting is encouraged.


Development of positive self-image for the children is very important to all the staff of Growing Years Preschool. Sharing, cooperation, patience, and kindness toward others are stressed. Corporal punishment or frightening techniques are never used in disciplining. It is expected that the children will function within a simple set of rules that have been established.