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The Maples are having a Valentine’s Party on Tuesday 2/14. If your child does not attend school on Tuesdays they’re welcome to join us. Our party will begin at 9:00am. Children who do not attend on Tuesdays must be picked up by 11:00am. We’ll be sharing Valentine Cards with our friends. Please bring enough cards for 18 children. You do not need to address each card, just write your child’s name in the “from” area.

Its time to start thinking about your child‘s summer and fall schedule. Registration information will be sent out with next months newsletter. Its important that you specify any schedule changes, exit dates, return dates and vacation dates if possible.

Our current families have priority for summer / fall registration but please understand that we have a full list of students waiting to start and we must maintain our enrollment. Therefore it*s essential that you respond in a timely manner and adhere to your chosen schedule.
As a reminder, the last day of the school year is June 9th. Our 2023/2024 School Year Begins August 14th.

If you need a monthly receipt for future tuition payments, please leave a note for Shalimar in the tuition box. W-10 forms have been completed for your convenience and can be picked up at the parent information board. Our Tax I.D. # 82-4676859

This month we’ll send home instructions on how to create a family banner. Please complete the assignment at home and return it to school by Wednesday 3/1. Please make sure your child is an active participant in the creation of your family banner. We will share our banners throughout the week and have them on display in our classroom throughout the month of March.

Wear the color Pink (Or Red) to school on Friday 2/24 in honor of Pinkalicious Day. We’ll read the story “Pinkalicious” by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann, and make yummy Pinkalicious cupcakes for snack. This is only for children who attend school on Fridays.

Please be aware of recent staffing changes. Miss Ashlee (Redwood Class) has left Growing Years. Miss Roxann will assist Miss Elli in the Pre-K class.

Miss Dorene will return to Growing Years to assist where needed. Miss Dorene has been a part of the Growing Years Family for many years. She originally joined our team in 1999 and over the years she’s been our cook, meal planner, inventory manager and classroom teacher. We are very pleased to have her back with us!

Please be aware the sidewalk project on Anita Avenue is set to begin this month. If you drop off after 8am you may want to give yourself extra time to account for any street closures, parking lot closures, and overall traffic. Our staff will do our best to assist with drop offs when we can.

Please use caution when entering and exiting the parking lot. NEVER let your child walk/run through the parking lot unattended. Drivers should drive slowly and use caution when backing out of spaces. Whether you’re walking or driving, please be aware of your surroundings and be safe in the parking lot.


Last month was full of fun experiences! We played with “icebergs” and excavated polar animals from the ice in our sensory tables. We painted with golf balls, salad spinners, string, and our fingers. We scooped and poured kinetic sand, rainbow rice and cinnamon oats.

We learned about Chinese New Year. We learned how to say “Gung Hay Fat Choy” (Wishing You Great Happiness And Prosperity). We learned that Dragons and the color red are very good luck. We had a cool dragon parade and practiced using chopsticks to pick up pom poms.

We had some cool rain storms in January. Because of our changing weather we’ve been cloud watching and learning the names of different types of clouds. We can spot Nimbus (gray rain clouds), Cumulus (white puffy clouds), Stratus (flat pancake clouds) and Cirrus (wispy clouds).

This month we’ll talk about families and friendship and get ready for our Valentine’s Day party. The Maples have come up with some great themes that they’d like to explore: trains, bulldozers, trees, cars, animals, numbers, and science. We’ll be incorporating these themes into our curriculum over the next few months.

We’re becoming very independent little people. We put on our shoes after nap, bus our own area after snacks and lunch, and did you know we can ALL put on our own jackets and sweatshirts by ourselves? Ask me to show you how I put my jacket on all by myself using the “jacket trick”. Some of us are already zipping and buttoning by ourselves but if we can’t, we’re using our words to ask for some help. Doing things on our own gives us great confidence and self esteem. Be sure to check the “What We Did Today” board daily to see what we’ve been up to.

*A Hunting We Will Go
*Do Your Ears Hang Low?
*Alligator Pie
*Willoughby Wallaby Woo
*If You’re Happy And You Know It

Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor
Wolf’s Coming! by Joe Kulka
Clouds by Roy Wandelmaier
Snowball by Sue Hendra
Big Bad Wolf by Claire Masurel
My First Chinese New Year by Karen Katz
Polar Animals by Wade Cooper

Miss Shalimar & Miss Ashley


The entire staff would like to extend their heartfelt thanks for all the gifts and goodies given to us this past holiday season. We hope your family had a wonderful holiday. We wish you health and happiness in 2023!

If you need a monthly receipt for future tuition payments please leave a note for Shalimar in the tuition box. A receipt will be provided when tuition is paid in full for the month. W-10 forms have been completed for your convenience and can be picked up at the parent information board.
Our Tax I.D. # 82-4676859

Last month the Maples learned lots of new songs and had fun talking and reading stories about Santa and his reindeer. We also learned about Hanukkah-the festival of lights. We learned new words like Menorah and Gelt, and we had fun playing the Dreidel game.

This month we’ll talk about winter and the changing weather. We’ll learn about animals (polar bears, penguins, etc…) and hibernation. We’ll also spend time finding out what the Maples would like to learn about and use their interests as upcoming themes.

Books We Enjoyed In December
Hanukkah Lights, Hanukkah Nights by Leslie Kimmelman
Daddy Christmas & Hanukkah Mama by Selina Alko
Mrs. Claus Takes A Vacation by Linas Alsenas
It’s Christmas, David! by David Shannon
The Gingerbread Pirates by Kristin Kladstrup
Who Will Help Santa This Year? by Jerry Pallotta

Songs We’ve Been Singing
Santa Had A Christmas Tree
Rudolph’s Light
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Jingle Bells
I’m A Little Christmas Tree

Miss Shalimar & Miss Ashley


December is a 3 1/2 week tuition month (3 weeks full rate + 1 week 1/2 rate).
ALL TUITION IS DUE IN FULL BY Thursday 12/22. We will be closing out the month and the year on December 31st. Late tuition will result in daily late fees and cash payments only. Tuition will NOT be carried over into January so please make sure your December payment is accurate.

We Will Be CLOSED 12/26 – 1/6. We Will Be Back On 1/9.

January is a 4 1/2 week tuition month ( 4 weeks at full rate + 1 week 1/2 rate). January tuition will be collected when we return from winter break on January 9th.

*Please Call Before 9am if your child will be absent. Attendance for the day is taken at 9am and we need to know our count for the day.

*Check the Lost & Found box. Anything left after 12/16 will be donated to charity.

We are searching for qualified preschool teachers to join our teaching staff. If you know of anyone looking to teach at a great school with an awesome teaching team, send them our way!

Our job posting can be found on indeed and our Facebook page. Resumes can be sent to

In November we talked about what it means to be thankful and shared some things we are thankful for. We made coffee filter turkeys, fall collage, fall leaves and handprint turkeys. We painted with potato mashers, berry baskets, tubes, toothbrushes and our hands.

We scooped and poured cinnamon oats at the sensory table and squeezed and molded pumpkin pie spice scented playdough.

Over the last few months we have been talking about “filling the bucket”. We began by reading “How Full Is Your Bucket” by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer which is an introduction to emotions. The story revolves around the concept that we all have invisible buckets. When our bucket is full we are happy, filled up, content. When our bucket is empty we are indeed empty. This book is our introduction to a variety of feelings both happy and strong. We’ve begun to explore a variety of feelings and learn that our actions impact those around us, that we have the power to both fill up and dip into others buckets. We will continue exploring this concept by playing games, continuing to discuss various types of emotions and ways we can help regulate our emotions to ensure we keep our buckets and the buckets of others as full as possible.

This month we’ll learn new holiday songs and learn all about Hanukkah and Christmas. If your family has a holiday custom or tradition you’d like to share with our class please let us know.

Books We’ve Been Reading
The Thankful Book by Todd Parr
I Am Thankful by Sonali Fry
Thanksgiving For Emily Ann by Teresa Johnston
A Turkey For Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting
Pearl And Squirrel Give Thanks by Cassie Ehrenberg

Songs We’ve Been Singing
Mr. Turkey
Smells Like Thanksgiving
Let’s Be Thankful
Turkey Ted
Happy Turkey Day

Happy Holidays!
Miss Shalimar & Miss Ashley


Thank you to all who participated in our Family Pumpkin Decorating Contest. All entries were very creative and looked awesome!! Congratulations to our winners and thanks again to all the families for participating and helping us judge. We hope you had as much fun creating them as we did admiring them.

Our Fall Fundraiser Was A Success! Thank you for supporting our school with sales and donations. We raised $1,138 for the purchase of classroom materials. Thank you so much for all your support.

Ahern Photography will be here on Wednesday 11/16 to take school photos. All children in attendance will have their individual photo taken and will also be included in our class photo.

Look for a photo order envelope in your child’s cubby the week before picture day. Please return your photo order along with payment by the morning of picture day. If you choose not to order in advance you will have the opportunity to view and purchase photos after picture day but additional charges will apply.

If your child does not come to school on Wednesdays you’re welcome to bring them in at 10am to have their photo taken. Our class group photo will be taken after all individuals.

As a reminder we’ll be CLOSED 11/24 AND 11/25 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Cold and flu season is upon us. Please keep your child home if they are showing ANY signs of illness. Last month we had to send a few friends home with runny noses. Please help keep everyone safe and healthy by keeping your child home if they display any symptoms of illness. Thank You!

Please make sure your child has spare clothes at school that are appropriate for the changing weather. If you think it’s time to update your child’s change of clothes, bring in a new set of fall / winter clothes and put them in our clothes drop off box. We’ll send home the old clothes in exchange for the warmer ones.

Please make sure your child is bringing a jacket/sweatshirt to school everyday. Because of our unpredictable weather, we highly recommend sending your child dressed in layers. Wear a sweatshirt or long sleeves and bring a light jacket. The mornings tend to be cold, while the afternoons get very warm. We spend lots of time outside regardless of the cold weather so please make sure your child is suitably dressed. We can’t stress enough-LABEL ALL JACKETS, COATS AND SWEATSHIRTS! Even if your child has a hook with their name on it, it’s important to label the item. If you’re missing any of your child’s clothes be sure to check our lost and found box near the front entrance.

Please take a look in our Lost and Found box to see if anything belongs to your child. Any items remaining after December 16th will be donated to charity.

Our daily activities begin promptly at 9:00am. DO NOT BE LATE! Children should be at school by 8:45am so they have time to check out the activities in the classroom before we get started. If your child will be absent, please call before 9:00am.

October was a busy month for the Maples. Our themes for the month were Fall, pumpkins, and Halloween.

Last month we explored pumpkins! We guessed what was inside our pumpkin. We put our pumpkins in the sensory table and shoveled out all the gooshy guts and seeds. We painted with pumpkins and talked about how they grow. We put them in water to see if they sink or float. When we were finished with our pumpkins we put them in our garden so we can watch them rot and create a new pumpkin patch for next year!

We had fun getting ready for Halloween. We learned new songs, read lots of Halloween stories, went on spooky walks, danced to the Monster Mash, thought up ingredients for our Witch’s Brew, and had a great time sharing our costumes at our party. We read the story “Halloween Pie” and made yummy pumpkin pie for snack.

We created lots of awesome art last month! We painted with salad spinners, mashers, different types of brushes, berry baskets, shaving cream, and water color on giant coffee filters.

We engaged in fun sensory activities too! We scooped and poured cinnamon popping oats and molded and created with Halloween sparkle playdough.

This month we’ll focus our lessons on Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful. We’ll learn about the Pilgrims and the Native Americans and we’ll learn some new Thanksgiving songs.

Mr. Pumpkin
Five Little Pumpkins
I’m A Jack-O-Lantern
Walk In The Dark
Ghosts and Goblins

Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler
We’re Going On A Ghost Hunt by Marcia Vaughan
The Spooky Wheels On The Bus by J. Elizabeth Mills
Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman
Room On The Broom by Julia Donaldson
How Full Is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath

Miss Shalimar & Miss Ashley


We will have a Halloween party on Thursday 10/27. Wear your costume to school today! If your child does not come to school on Thursdays, they’re welcome to join us from 9:00am – 11:30pm. Please let us know in advance if your child will be attending so we can set a spot for them at our party table. We’ll share our costumes, play games and parade around the backyard at 10:15am. Parents are welcome to meet us in the backyard and take pictures as we parade around the bike path. Our party will continue after our parade. Please bring a change of clothes for your child if they stay all day. Look for our sign-up sheet to bring party snacks.

**We ask that parent’s refrain from entering our classroom during our party time. You’re welcome to take pictures as we parade outside but please do not come into our classroom. Thank you for your understanding.

It’s time for our annual Family Pumpkin Decorating Contest! If you are interested in participating, you’ll need to register, so be sure to look for the sign-up sheet. Please keep in mind we are looking for FAMILY PRODUCED entries. Make sure your child is an active participant in the decorating process. Pumpkin entries may be dropped off at the preschool throughout the week of the 17th but ALL entries must be submitted by the morning of Thursday 10/20 to be considered for judging. Our judging will be based on 3 categories–Silliest, Spookiest and Most Creative. We need you to help us choose our winners. Please vote (one ballot per family please) for your favorite in each category. More information regarding our contest will be sent home later in the month.

This month you will receive a report regarding your child’s preschool experience over the last few months. There will be a calendar posted on the sign in/out board for you to schedule a conference if you would like one. Conferences are conducted in the afternoons/evenings and will only be available to those who schedule an appointment.


The first month of school seemed to fly by and now we’re off and running!

September was the month for getting acquainted. We’re getting to know the routine, our school and each other. We’re making new friends and learning how to get along in our classroom.

Last month we had a lot of fun playing with different tactile materials that offered a sensory experience as well. We scooped and poured Kinetic sand and colored rice at the sensory tables. We shaped and molded poppy seed playdough. We painted with mashers, cars, feathers, berry baskets, golf balls and salad spinners.

We’ve been focusing in on the children’s interests and have some great themes planned for the future months. Our themes coming up in October are Autumn, Pumpkins and Halloween.

Songs We’ve Been Singing…
Ram Sam Sam
Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee
Hickory Dickory Dock
The Wheels On The Bus
The Good Morning Song
Five Little Monkey’s Swinging In The Tree

Books We’ve Been Reading…
Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley
Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann
No, David! by David Shannon
David Gets In Trouble by David Shannon
Little Tree by Loren Long
Peanut Butter Rhino by Vincent Andriani

Happy Fall To All!
Miss Shalimar & Miss Ashley


Family Picture
Bring in a picture of your family by Friday 9/16. Please bring a picture that we can keep at school all year long. These pictures will be laminated and placed in your child’s portfolio at the end of the year. Make sure your child is in the picture along with the family. Pictures should be no larger than 4″ X 6″.

Emergency Comfort Kit
If you haven’t already done so, please compile your child’s Comfort Kit and bring it to school A.S.A.P. Comfort kits should include pictures of your family, a comforting letter written to your child, and a variety of non perishable foods that your child enjoys / is considered a special treat. A book, a small notebook, a pencil and small games were other items suggested on our Comfort Kit instructions.

Fall Fundraiser
On September 29th you’ll find Fall fundraiser information in your child’s cubby. There is no obligation to participate. All profits from our fundraiser will go toward the purchase of items for our school. All sales are online and will be delivered directly to the purchaser. If you would like to make a donation in lieu of catalog sales, please avoid using the fundraiser website as they take a 20% profit from direct donations. Donations in the form of cash and checks (made payable to Growing Years Preschool) can be submitted directly to the preschool. Please label donations clearly so they are not mistaken for tuition payments. Your participation is not required but greatly appreciated.

Air Quality
As we approach fire season we will be checking the AQI (air quality index) daily to determine if it is safe for outdoor play. We will stay inside and play when the AQI is above 150. We may adjust our schedule to allow for outdoor play in the morning before the AQI becomes unhealthy in the afternoon. We run air purifiers in all of our classrooms daily and will run the air conditioners as well.

Covid Test Kits
The California COVID-19 Testing Task Force has provided two COVID-19 test kits for each family enrolled at Growing Years. You’ll find test kits in your child’s cubby along with information regarding the extension of the expiration date. We will notify you when the CDPH has considered these test kits no longer usable.

Reporting Absences
Daily attendance is taken at 9:00am. If your child will be absent or late, please call the preschool before 9:00am so we can have an accurate head count for our day.

We Look Forward To A
Great School Year!

Miss Shalimar & Miss Ashley
Miss Van


Please take the time to read the monthly newsletters thoroughly, as they are filled with important information regarding upcoming events. Newsletters (past and present), calendars, and menus may also be accessed on our website Please make sure to pick up the hard copy of your newsletter at the beginning of every month.


**Children must be at school by 8:45a.m.

**Check your child’s cubby container everyday.

**Count the Mondays in the month to determine the number of tuition weeks when paying monthly.

**When signing your child in/out, you must sign your FULL signature. Signatures must be LEGIBLE so we are able to identify the individuals picking up/dropping off.

**Make sure your child has spare clothes at school. Promptly replace any used items of clothing.

**Children staying for nap must have a CRIB SIZE blanket. Blankets must be able to fit folded in your child’s nap mat. Blankets that are too big will be sent home. Samples of appropriate blanket size are displayed in the main building.

**Share items are allowed WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS ONLY! All share items must fit in your child’s cubby. Books are allowed everyday.

**All jackets, sweatshirts, lunch boxes, water bottles, spare clothes, share items, books, etc…must be labeled with your child’s name. Growing Years is NOT responsible for lost items. LABEL EVERYTHING! Check our Lost and Found Box for missing items.

**Be sure to review the “What We Did Today” board in your child’s classroom to see what fun activities are offered each day. This is a great conversation starter with your child at pick up time!

**Make sure your child is coming to school wearing PLAY CLOTHES. We play hard and get messy! Paint, playdough, dirt and other goodies will get on their clothes. The children are encouraged to participate in many tactile and sensory experiences that are often messy, therefore children must be dressed appropriately when coming to school.


Please read and observe the note on the front gate. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO OPERATE THE LATCH ON THE FRONT GATE! The purpose of the gate is to prevent children from exiting through the front door. When you allow your child to operate the latch you are in essence giving them permission to exit the building and potentially causing a safety hazard. Adults should be the only ones touching the gate and the latch. Please prohibit your child from operating the latch from both sides of the gate.

Make sure to close and latch the gate behind you when you are entering and exiting the building.

Please hold your child’s hand when walking in the parking lot. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO RUN FREELY AND UNATTENDED IN THE PARKING LOT. Our parking lot is busy and drivers may not see your child as they are entering and exiting. Please teach your child parking lot safety and enforce holding hands and staying close to their adults.

Do not leave babies and young children unattended in the car while you drop off and pick up your preschooler.

Growing Years Is A NUT FREE School. We Have Children With Severe Nut Allergies.

Please DO NOT Pack Peanuts Or Tree Nut Products In Your Child’s Lunch.

If you have any questions regarding tuition please speak to Miss Shalimar. If you need a monthly receipt for your tuition payment please attach a request to your tuition check. You only need to submit one request and after, a monthly receipt will be provided for you. Receipts are sent out at the end of the month or when tuition is paid in full. Receipts should be picked up at the entrance of the main building.

It is suggested that you request a monthly receipt if you need a record for tax purposes or employment reimbursement programs.

Tuition may be paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and must always be paid in advance. Tuition checks should be placed in our tuition box located on the front desk. All cash payments should be handed directly to a staff member (preferably in the afternoon) and a receipt will be provided for you. Dependent care forms should be dropped off in the tuition box and picked up at the main entrance.

Your child’s portfolio is a compilation of photographs, art work, stories and observations that document their growth and development throughout the course of the year. Each family is required to contribute $40.00 for the cost of picture developing and portfolio materials. Sample portfolio’s are on display in the main building. We prefer the portfolio fee to be paid in CASH (a receipt will be provided). The portfolio / supply fee goes directly to your child’s portfolio therefore we ask for cash payments. Please submit payment for your child’s portfolio by Friday 9/23. The portfolio fee was referred as the supply fee in your admission agreement.

Safety Drills
Throughout the year we will regularly conduct Earthquake and Fire Drills. We’ll teach the children when and where to use “Duck And Cover” and practice evacuating our classrooms in the event of a fire. Occasionally during these drills we will activate the alarm to familiarize the children with the sound. Conducting drills and educating the children on the proper way to react during an emergency is essential. Discussions of earthquakes and the sound of the alarm can trigger feelings of anxiety and nervousness in children. You may notice a change in your child’s behavior around the time of our practice drills. We recommend creating a safety plan and practicing drills at home as well.

Book Orders
When ordering books from our book clubs, please be sure to make checks payable to Scholastic Book Clubs. NO CASH will be accepted. Drop off your order form and payment in the tuition box. Orders can also be placed online (preferred).

Birthday Celebrations
Please keep your child’s birthday celebration simple. Do not bring Pinata’s or Goody Bags. Bringing a special snack is a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday at school. Our class will sing and make the birthday boy or girl feel special.

Some suggestions for birthday snacks: fruit salad, Jello cups, yogurt, rice krispy treats, ice cream cups, cereal bars, cookies, fruit snacks, popsicles, donuts. Please NO CAKE OR CUPCAKES or anything with nuts, as we have children with severe nut allergies. Please consult with your child’s teacher in regards to the number of students in the class.

Star Of The Week
Star of the week is a great way for everyone to get to know your child. It builds self-esteem and shows our class that everyone is special and unique. Every week we will have a new Star Of The Week. The week before your child is the Star we’ll send home instructions and ideas on how to decorate your child’s special Star Of The Week Board. Return your decorated board the start of their special week. During your child’s week, feel free to come in and share stories about your child with the class. You may also bring a special (nut free) snack for the class if you so choose. (You are not obligated or required to visit or provide a snack). Your child’s Star Of The Week board will be displayed in our classrooms for the entire week.

Please DO NOT BRING GOODY BAGS. Bringing a snack to share with your child’s class for their birthday or star of the week is more than enough.

Website–Facebook–Smug Mug
Monthly newsletters, menus, calendars, tuition rates, our parent handbook and lots of other informative information can be accessed on our website~

Like and follow us on Facebook!

Be sure to check out our PRIVATE photo sharing site at SMUGMUG.COM. Invitations to join our group on smug mug were sent to the email address you provided on your child’s photo/media permission form. If you did not receive an invitation to join Growing Years Preschool on, be sure to check your spam folder.

If you did not receive an email or would like to add an additional parent email address, please send us an email to with your request to join. Be sure to check regularly to see updated photos and videos of our fun and exciting classroom activities!


**Children need to be at school by 8:45am. DON’T BE LATE

**Daily attendance is taken at 9:00am. If your child will be absent or late, call the preschool before 9:00am.

**July is a 4 week tuition month.

**August is a 5 week tuition month (Pre-K families leaving in August will pay the number of weeks attending).

**Make sure to sign your FULL NAME (First and Last Name) and time when signing your child in and out. Signature Must Be Legible!

**Check the Lost And Found Box in the main entrance to see if anything belongs to your child.

**Growing Years will be CLOSED August 11th & 12th. Our staff will be cleaning and prepping for the new school year.

The purpose of the gate is to prevent children from exiting through the front door. When you allow your child to operate the latch you are essentially giving them permission to exit the building and potentially causing a safety hazard. Adults should be the only ones touching the gate and the latch. Please prohibit your child from operating the latch from both sides of the gate.


Thank you for all your support throughout the year. Summer time is here and that means lots and lots of outside time. We’ll also continue to introduce themes as well as review letter and numbers through games and hands-on activities.
Please make sure your child is at school by 8:45am.

Our staff would like to thank you for all of the Hearts, Flowers, Food and Treats that were sent to us during Teacher Appreciation Week. We appreciate all the wonderful notes and messages.

Growing Years will be CLOSED the following dates: July 4th and August 11th & 12th.

Some of our Maple friends will exit this month for a summer break and return in the fall. We’ll also welcome new Preschool and Pre-K students throughout the summer. You may notice new faces and hear about new friends as the summer progresses. Please join us in welcoming our new students and their families. If you requested schedule changes for your child during the SUMMER SESSION these changes will begin June 13th.

We’re celebrating the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer with a Pizza Party! There will be dancing, fun games, and pizza for lunch! Friends who do not stay for lunch time are welcome to join us. They should be picked up at 12:45pm.

During the summer we will be planning a variety of theme days and activities. Please make sure you read your newsletter carefully so you know what’s happening throughout the month.

We try our best to schedule theme activities on varying days throughout the month in order for everyone to get a chance to participate. Because we must maintain our child/teacher ratio, we cannot allow schedule changes or drop-ins in order to participate in the theme day. We’ll make sure your child has a chance to participate on his/her days.

Please verbally remind your child’s teacher of any vacation time you will be taking this summer. Just let us know the week before you leave. You can also drop a note in the tuition box or send an email reminder.

Our tuition rates will increase beginning August 15th. Our new rates are posted on the parent information board in the main building.

If you need a receipt for your tuition payment, drop a note in the tuition box and a receipt will be provided for you when tuition is paid in full for the month.

May was a busy month for the Maples!

We practiced writing our name, talked about what we want to be when we grow up, conducted cool science experiments, explored with magnets, measured to see how much we grew this year, played with kinetic sand, read lots of new stories, shared our crazy hats, participated in our Trike-A-Thon, played fun games that improved our letter and number recognition, learned about insects and watched our ladybugs and butterflies go through their metamorphosis.

This month we’ll learn some new songs, read some great stories, have some fun theme days, welcome new Preschool friends into our class, and spend lots of time outside in the sunshine.

Songs We’ve Been Singing
5 Little Sausages
Mr. Clown
It’s An Insect, Not A Spider
Head, Thorax, Abdomen
Insects have Antennae

Books We’ve Been Reading
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle
Bugs Are Insects by Anne Rockwell
The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
If.. by Sarah Perry
Old MacDino Had A Farm by Becky Davies

We Look Forward To A Great Summer Miss Shalimar & Miss Ashley


The week of May 2nd is Teacher Appreciation Week! Show our staff how much you care by sending them a note of appreciation. Our Teacher Appreciation board is located at the entrance of the main building.

Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place this month. Please look at our schedules on the attendance board and make an appointment. We will review assessments and discuss your child’s growth and progress over the past nine months.

Kathleen Ahern photography will be here Wednesday 5/4 and Thursday 5/5 to take school photos. Photo package order forms were sent home the week prior to our picture days and must be returned by the date indicated on the envelope. Order envelopes must be submitted even if you are paying by Venmo.

*May is a 5 week tuition month.

*If your child will NOT attend in summer, you will owe 1 week tuition for the month of June (6/6 – 6/10). Children are expected attend the last week of school.

*If your child will NOT attend in summer but will RETURN in FALL (8/15), your holding fee (equal to 4.5 weeks tuition) is Due by 5/27.

Last Month…
We learned about dogs and cats and different breeds of each. Some friends brought pictures of their pets to school and we displayed them on our Pet Pic Wall.

We had a great time at our Easter Party! We played fun games like Pin The Ear On The Easter Bunny and Easter Basket Bean Bag Toss. We went on an Egg Hunt and spent a lot of time looking for that tricky Easter Bunny.

We did the “Rubber Eggs-periment” by putting an egg in a jar of vinegar and observing what happens when the vinegar reacts to the calcium in the shell. We learned new words like dissolve, reaction, calcium, carbon dioxide, acidic, experiment, and hypothesis.

We explored with magnets and things that are magnetic and experimented with baking soda and vinegar explosions.

We popped corn with the top off the popcorn popper and used all our senses during this experience. We listened to it POP!, smelled the popcorn, watched the kernels fly out of the popper, felt it crunch in our hands and later tasted it for snack.

We participated in lots of cool art activities; Crayon melting on foil, sand art, salad spinner painting, crayon resist painting, impression painting, and free art with scissor practice.

This month we’ll plant flowers and veggies in our garden and learn about insects and reptiles.

Books We Enjoyed Last Month…
The Easter Bunny Is Missing by Steve Metzger
Jack And The Jelly Beanstalk by Joan Holub
Bad Dog, Marley! by John Grogan
Not Norman by Kelly Bennett
A Dog For Davy by Jean Merrill
He Came With The Couch by David Slonim

Songs We’ve Been Singing…
5 Little Jellybeans
Little Bunny Foo Foo
Peter Cottontail
Mr. Sun
5 Little Ducks
There Once Was A Turtle
Here Is The Beehive

Miss Shalimar & Miss Ashley