**Children need to be at school by 8:45am. DON’T BE LATE

**Daily attendance is taken at 9:00am. If your child will be absent or late, call the preschool before 9:00am.

**July is a 5 week tuition month.

**August is a 4 week tuition month (Families leaving the week of 8/7 will pay 1 week in August).

**Growing Years will be CLOSED August 10th & 11th. Our staff will be cleaning and prepping for the new school year.

Please welcome Miss Shari to our Achievers Team! Miss Shari previously taught at Growing Years for 8 years and has returned as Lead Teacher in the Maple class.


July 6…Sports Day…come to school dressed to represent your favorite sports team or dress up as your favorite player.

July 11…Purple Day…Wear the color purple today!

July 12…Hawaiian Luau Day…Come to school dressed in your best Hawaiian attire. We’ll dance the hula and have some fun. Aloha!!

July 14…Orange Day…Wear the color orange today!

July 18…Green Day…Wear the color green today!

July 20…Pirate Day…Wear your best pirate outfit to school. We’ll hunt for treasure, hoist the Jolly Roger and turn our structure into a pirate ship.

July 21…Red Day…Wear the color red today!

July 26…Costume Day…wear you favorite costume to school.

July 27…Blue Day…Wear the color blue today!

August 1…Yellow Day…Wear the color yellow today!

August 2…Disney Day…Wear your favorite Disney shirt today!

August 4…Rainbow Day…Wear All The Colors Of The Rainbow!