Be sure to read and return registration for summer session. In order for us to maintain our enrollment it’s important that you specify the exact date your child will exit Growing Years. Summer registration must be submitted by Monday 3/13.

Our school year ends June 9th. Children that are exiting for the summer are expected to attend up through the final week of school (regardless of the school district calendar).

We Will Be CLOSED April 21st For Staff Development

Tax I.D. # 82-4676859

Effective March 1st we will be dropping the mask requirement for children and adults. Please let us know if you prefer to have your child continue wearing a mask.

Make sure to set up an account with Brightwheel so you are able to access your 4 Digit Check-In / Check-Out Code / QR Code. Each parent and authorized pick up has their own unique code that identifies them by name. Please be sure each authorized pickup is registered with Brightwheel and using their own number.

Last Month…

Last month we had a Valentine’s Day Party. We danced our hearts out, exchanged Valentine’s and shared yummy party treats for snack. We discussed what it means to love people and how being kind and respectful of others plays a large role in loving others.

We painted with rollers, watercolors and sparkle paint. We conducted some fun science experiments. We’ve been creating lots of free art with different types of collage materials, glue and scissors.

We had a lot of fun for Pinkalicious Day! We wore the colors pink and red to school, read the story “Pinkalicious” and made yummy pink cupcakes for snack.

This month we’ll celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by making traps to try and catch the Leprechaun. We’ll talk about Spring and all the changes we’ll begin to see.

Books We’ve Been Reading
Bringing In The New Year by Grace Lin
Pinkalicious by Victoria & Elizabeth Kann
How to Catch A Unicorn by Adam Wallance & Andy Elkerton
The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
A Crankenstein Valentine by Samantha Berger

Songs We’ve Been Singing
Slippery Fish
Open Shut Them
Icky Sticky Bubble Gum
Hands And Shoulders

Happy Spring!
Miss Elli & Miss Roxann