Thank you for all your support throughout the year. Summertime is here and that means lots and lots of outside time. We’ll also continue to introduce themes as well as review letter and numbers through games and hands-on activities.
Please make sure your child is at school by 8:45am.

Our staff would like to thank you for all of the Hearts, Flowers, Food and Treats that were sent to us during Teacher Appreciation Week. We appreciate all the wonderful notes and messages.

Some of our Pre-K friends will exit this month for a summer break before heading off to Kindergarten. We wish them luck as they move on to the big school. This month we’ll also welcome new Preschool and Pre-K students. You may notice new faces and hear about new friends as the summer progresses. Please join us in welcoming our new students and their families.

If you requested schedule changes for your child during the SUMMER SESSION these changes will begin June 12th.

We will be CLOSED the following dates: July 3rd & 4th and August 10th & 11th.

We’re celebrating the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer with a Pizza Party! There will be dancing, fun games, and pizza for lunch!

Friends who do not stay for lunch time are welcome to join us. They should be picked up at 12:45pm.

During the summer we will be planning a variety of theme days and activities. Please make sure you read your newsletter carefully so you know what’s happening throughout the month.

We try our best to schedule theme activities on varying days throughout the month in order for everyone to get a chance to participate. Because we must maintain our child/teacher ratio, we cannot allow schedule changes or drop-ins in order to participate in the theme day. We’ll make sure your child has a chance to participate on his/her days.

Please verbally remind your child’s teacher of any vacation time you will be taking this summer. Just let us know the week before you leave. You can also send an email reminder or send a message to us in the Brightwheel app.

Our lost and found box is FULL. Please check to see if any items belong to your child.

Please welcome Miss Mara to our Achievers Team! Miss Mara will now be the Lead Teacher in the Willow classroom.


We were very busy in the month of May. We finished working on our letters and completed the entire alphabet!

We had fun showing off our creative hairstyles on Crazy Hair Day! We’ve been busy working on a life size paper version of ourselves which we will display at our graduation celebration. We’ve also been making lots of handprints.

We spent a lot of time learning new songs and practicing for our graduation ceremony. We’be been working really hard.

This month we’ll learn some new songs, read some great stories, have some fun theme days, welcome new Pre-K friends into our class, and spend lots of time outside in the sunshine.

Songs We’ve Singing
Number Rock
ABC’s By Me
The Growing Years Song
The World Is A Rainbow
I’m Something Special
Months Of The Year

Books We’ve Been Reading
Countdown To Kindergarten by Alison McGhee
A Teacher For Bear b Anne Marie Pace
The Littlest Graduate by Brandi Dougherty
Always In Trouble by Corinne Demas

Miss Elli & Miss Roxann