Our Easter party and egg hunt will be Friday 4/7. If your child does not come to school on Fridays they’re invited to join us but must be picked up by 11:00am. Please let us know if your child is coming so we can set a spot for them at our party table. Look for our sign up to bring goodies for our egg hunt. Items will need to be at school BEFORE the day of our party.

Parents requesting monthly receipts can now print their paid invoices from the Brightwheel website. For your 2022 taxes, W-10 forms have been completed for your convenience and can be picked up at the parent information board.

At the end of the month we will start our first Jr. Preschool class and welcome 2 year olds into our Willow classroom. Now that the Willow classroom will be in use, please avoid walking through the classroom when the children are present. Enter and exit the backyard through the Maples cubby room to avoid disruption.

Kindergarten is just around the corner! If you’d like to network with other parents and find out who’s going where, be sure to fill out the Kindergarten info. sheet in the main entrance. We’ll compile a directory for the Pre-K parents and have it available in May. Knowing who’s going to your child’s school is helpful with the transition to kindergarten. Only those participating in the directory will receive a copy.

We will be closing early on Friday June 2nd to prepare for our Pre-K Graduation Ceremony. Please make arrangements to have your child picked up by 1:00pm.

Our Pre-K Graduation ceremony will be held on Friday, June 2nd at 4:00pm. Parents are invited to join us in our backyard as the Pre-K Class sing songs, receive their diplomas and celebrate their promotion to Kindergarten. More information will be provided in our May newsletter.

Spring conferencing will begin the first week of May. Our conference calendars can be found in the main entrance later this month. Please sign up on our calendar if you would like to meet with your child’s teacher.

Last Month…

Last month we practiced building fun traps to try and catch the Leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day. We had a lot of fun building with different materials like blocks, playdough and the magnet tiles.

We’ve been doing quite a bit of painting with different tools like stamps, golf balls, bubble wrap and our all time favorite, salad spinner painting.

We’ve been practicing spelling and writing our names and playing a new game called “What are you bringing to my picnic?” which helps us practice our letters.

This year many of us have taken interest in matching games and completing puzzles. We’ve been playing a variety of matching games as well as Bingo.

We had a lot of fun on Royal Day showing off our fancy costumes and having a fun Royal Dance Party.

This month we’ll take some time to observe the changes in the weather. We’ll celebrate Easter and continue to practice for our graduation program.

Books We Enjoyed Last Month
The Gingerbread Man And The Leprechaun
Loose At School by Laura Murray
How To Catch A Leprechaun by Adam Wallace
The Luckiest Leprechaun by Justine Korman
Alligator Baby by Robert Munsch

Songs We’ve Been Singing
I’m Something Special
ABC’s By Me
The Number Rock
The Hokey Pokey

Happy Easter!
Miss Elli & Miss Roxann