Thank you for coming to our Family Valentine’s Brunch! The children enjoyed performing for their families and we appreciate you coming to watch us. Thanks for bringing food to share.

Our Pre-k graduation is just around the corner (May 29th)! Graduation pictures will be taken on Wednesday 3/11. Children will be dressed in a cap and gown and ALL Pre-k children who are present that day will have their picture taken. There are no make-ups! If your child does not come to school on Wednesdays and you would like their picture taken, you will need to make arrangements to stop by while the photographer is here (9:00am – 10:00am). Do Not leave your child if it’s not their scheduled day. Pictures will be available for same day viewing and purchase during the hours of 3:00pm-6:00pm.

Be sure to read and return registration for summer session. If you know when you will take vacation please let us know the dates. In order for us to maintain our enrollment it’s important that you specify the exact date your child will exit Growing Years.

Our school year ends June 5th. Children that are exiting for the summer are expected to attend up through the final week of school (regardless of the school district calendar).

Pre-K students have priority registration to Growing Years Day Camp. If you’re interested in before/after school care for your Kindergartner in the fall, return the Day Camp registration form along with $100 registration fee by March 16th. We will get your information to the Day Camp and they will issue your registration materials next month.

Growing Years does not provide a total of tuition paid for the past year. If you need a monthly receipt for future tuition payments, please leave a note for Shalimar in the tuition box. W-10 forms have been completed for your convenience and can be picked up
at the parent information board. Our Tax I.D. # 824676859

We’re having a Spring Fundraiser! Look for a fundraiser packet in your child’s cubby. Our Spring fundraiser will begin Friday 3/20. The profits from this fundraiser will go toward classroom and playground materials for our school.

In addition to catalog orders, we will also sell Scentsy products. Sample Scentsy products will be on display in the main building for viewing and smelling.

Our two fundraiser campaigns (Gift Catalog and Scentsy) will each have their own order forms. All check payments are payable to Growing Years Preschool. As with all our fundraisers, your participation is not required but greatly appreciated.

We love having loose parts on the playground for the children. Crates, buckets, shovels, pvc pipes, and other random items can be found on our yard to aid in experimenting, constructing, pretending, and exploring. We are always looking for new materials for the children to be creative and have fun with. If you have any “loose parts” for donation, we’d love to have them. Please make sure they are safe for children (no sharp points, lead free, clean, etc.,). Talk to Miss Shalimar if you have any questions or potential donations. Thank You!

We Will Be CLOSED April 24th For Staff Development

Last Month…

During the first weeks of February we practiced and prepared for our Valentine’s Day Program. We enjoyed practicing our songs and rehearsing our play of Goldilocks And The Three Bears. We hope you all enjoyed our Valentine’s Day Brunch.

We talked about love, friendship and kindness and discussed what it means to be a good friend.
We had a Valentine card exchange which was a lot of fun!

We made Valentine’s Day cards for our families that we loved creating. We made a lot of heart art last month. We also painted with water colors, shaving cream, string painters and our feet! We conducted some cool science experiments with vinegar and baking soda.

We had so much fun on Pinkalicious Day! We played “pin the cherry on the cupcake”, read the story “Pinkalicious”, wore pink and red and made some delicious pink cupcakes for snack.

This month we’ll learn about St. Patrick’s Day, Leprechauns and clovers. We’ll also learn about the season of Spring. We’ll continue learning our letters and their sounds. Don’t forget to bring items in for our letter box!

Books We’ve Been Reading
I Am Invited To A Party by Mo Willems
Nota A Box by Antoinette Portis
Valentine’s Day by Anne Rockwell
The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond
The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson Axel Scheffier
There’s A Wocket In My Pocket by Dr. Seuss

Songs We’ve Been Singing
You Are My Sunshine
Skinna Marink
Four Hugs A Day
I Love You, No Doubt About It
Twinkle, Twinkle, Traffic Light

Happy Spring!
Miss Roxann, Miss Elli, Miss Patricia

  • February 27, 2020
  • Pre-K

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