May Newsletter

As the year draws to a close we’d like to thank you for helping us with fieldtrips, fundraisers, parties and supplies throughout the year. Your continued support has helped make this year a success.


The week of May 1st is Teacher Appreciation Week! Show our staff how much you care by sending them a note of appreciation. Our Teacher Appreciation board is located at the entrance of the main building.


This month we’ll raise money for St. Jude children’s Research Hospital by hosting a Trike-A-Thon. Information was sent home last month. Our Trike-A-Thon will begin at 9:00am on Wednesday 5/3. It is suggested that you collect pledges of a flat donation. Please make checks payable to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Please have all donations collected and submitted by Friday 5/5. Donations can also be collected online at Enter GROWING YEAR’S PRESCHOOL (with an apostrophe) as the school name.


Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place this month. Please look at our schedules on the attendance board and make an appointment. We will review assessments and discuss your childs growth and progress over the past eight months.


Drop the kids off early and grab some breakfast on Wednesday 5/31 and Thursday 6/1. We’ll have coffee, tea, juice, bagels, fruit, pastry and other goodies to start your day.


Wear your favorite hat to school on Wednesday 5/17. The crazier the hat the better! We love to see original hats that are made from things around the house. Be creative and have fun!


Thank you for participating in our Spring Fundraiser! With sale items and donations we earned $600! We used our funds to purchase new hard cover books for our classrooms and our scooters are on their way. The winner from our drawing was The Cabrera Family winning 1 week FREE tuition! We’d also like to thank all the families that made a donation in lieu of fundraiser sales. Thank you for your support!


May 29th–Memorial Day
July 3 & 4–Independence Day
August 11th–Staff Development Day
September 4–Labor Day


*May is a 5 week tuition month.
*If your child will NOT attend in summer you will owe 1 week tuition for the month of June.
*If your child will NOT attend in summer but will RETURN in FALL (8/14), your holding fee (equal to 1 months tuition) is Due by 6/2.

Last Month…

We learned about our bodies. We learned that our Brain is the Boss of our bodies. We talked about our 5 senses and experimented with “Smelly Jars” to see if our brain could identify what we were smelling.

We had a great time at our Easter Party! We played fun games like Pin The Ear On The Easter Bunny and Easter Basket Bean Bag Toss. We went on an Egg Hunt and spent a lot of time looking for that tricky Easter Bunny.

We did the “Rubber Eggs-periment” by putting an egg in a jar of vinegar and observing what happens when the vinegar reacts to the calcium in the shell. We learned new words like dissolve, reaction, calcium, carbon dioxide, and acidic.

We explored with magnets and things that are magnetic. We also conducted a cool experiment with flowers and colored water.

We made some awesome art by painting with our noses and feet. We also made some cool crayon melting pictures and collages and painted with cars, shaving cream, magnet balls, splat painters and balloons.

We had a lot of fun planting flowers in our garden! We’ve also planted veggie and sunflower seeds in pots so we can watch them grow.

This month we’ll make a special present for our mommy, celebrate Cinco De Mayo and learn about insects, dinosaurs and construction vehicles.


The Five Senses by Aliki
Tickly Octopus by Ruth Galloway
Bedtime At The Nut House by Eric Litwin
The Easter Bunny Is Missing by Steve Metzger
Jack And The Jellybeanstalk by Joan Holub


5 Little Jellybeans
Little Bunny Foo Foo
Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Do Your Ears Hang Low?
Alligator Pie




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