September Newsletter

Parent Orientation

Our Parent Orientation is Thursday 9/14. This is a mandatory meeting for all NEW families. If you’ve never been to our Parent Orientation because of a late start in the school year or summer, we strongly suggest you attend. Our parent meeting will begin 7:00pm and wrap up around 8:30pm. We’ll talk about events for the school year, important things you should know about our curriculum and review policy and procedure.

Our Parent Orientation is a time for parents to explore our classroom, ask questions and participate in play activities. Because we want you to experience the evening to the fullest, we ask that parents please refrain from bringing children. Parents who are in need of child care can sign up for on site care but be aware that we will only provide supervision for 24 children on a first come first serve basis. Look for our child care sign up on the attendance board.

Family Pictures

Bring in a picture of your family by Friday 9/15. Please bring a picture that we can keep at school all year long. These pictures will be laminated and placed in your child’s portfolio at the end of the year. Make sure your child is in the picture along with the family. Pictures should be no larger than 4″ X 6″.

We’re Collecting Apples

The Redwoods and Willows are collecting apples for a special project! On 9/12 and 9/13 we’ll make applesauce for snack. Please bring in apples to share for this project (2 or 3 per child). We need apples of all sizes and colors. We’ll be collecting apples from¬†Sept. 1 – 12. We need all apples turned in by 9/12 so we can get started.

Birthday Celebrations

Please keep your child’s birthday celebration simple. Do not bring pinata’s, goody bags or toys. Bringing a special snack is a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday at school. Our class will sing and make the birthday boy or girl feel special.

Some suggestions for birthday snacks: cereal bars, fruit kabob’s (the children love fruit!), jello cups, pudding cups, jigglers, yogurt, rice krispy treats, ice cream cups, cereal bars, cookies, fruit snacks, popsicles. Please NO CAKE OR CUPCAKES or anything with nuts, as we have children with severe nut allergies. Please consult with your child’s teacher in regards to the number of students in the class.

Book Orders

When ordering books from our book clubs, please be sure to make checks payable to Scholastic Book Clubs. NO CASH will be accepted. Drop off your order form and payment in the book order envelope located on the parent information board (main building). Orders can also be placed online.

Parents Night Out

Once or twice a month our teachers get together and offer a night of babysitting. Parents Night Out is from 5:00pm to 11:00pm on Saturday nights. Dinner is provided and siblings are welcome. The cost varies depending upon the number of children and ages. Look for our sign up each month on the attendance board.


Your child’s portfolio is a compilation of photographs, art work, stories and observations that document their growth and development throughout the course of the year. Each family is required to contribute $25.00 for the cost of picture developing and portfolio materials. Sample portfolio’s will be on display at Back To School Night. The portfolio fee is to be paid in CASH (a receipt will be provided). The portfolio / supply fee goes directly to your child’s portfolio therefore we ask for cash payments. Please submit payment for your child’s portfolio by Friday 9/22.
The portfolio fee was referred to as the supply fee in your admission agreement.

For families who have received a portfolio in the past, please note that we have adjusted the format of the portfolio and are charging less to reflect the changes.

Tuff Tumblers & Soccer Classes

In addition to the full curriculum that our staff provides, we also offer additional activities from qualified instructors. Instructors come to our center on a weekly basis to offer their programs. Participation in these classes is optional and additional fees are to be paid to the individual program(s). Information regarding times, fees, and registration can be found in the main entrance. These classes are taking place inside during outside play time.


If you have any questions regarding tuition please speak to Miss Shalimar. If you need a monthly receipt for your tuition payments please attach a request to your tuition check. You only need to submit one request and after, a monthly receipt will be provided for you. Receipts are sent out at the end of the month or when tuition is paid in full. Receipts should be picked up at the entrance of the main building.

**Growing Years does NOT provide a total of tuition paid for the year. It is suggested that you request a monthly receipt if you need a record for tax purposes or employment reimbursement programs.

Tuition may be paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and must always be paid in advance. Tuition checks should be placed in our tuition box located at the front desk. All cash payments should be handed directly to a staff member (preferably in the afternoon) and a receipt will be provided for you. Dependent care forms should be dropped off in the tuition box and picked up at the main entrance.
There will be a 5% tuition increase beginning January 1st.

Star Of The Week

Star of the week is a great way for everyone to get to know your child. It builds self-esteem and shows our class that everyone is special and unique. Every week we will have a new Star Of The Week. The week before your child is the Star we’ll send home instructions and ideas on how to decorate your child’s special Star Of The Week Board. Return your decorated board the start of their special week. During your child’s week feel free to come in and share stories about your child with the class. You may also bring a special treat for the class if you so choose. Your child’s Star Of The Week board will be displayed in our classrooms for the entire week.

Letter Box

Each of our classrooms has a special Letter Box. Please encourage your child to find an item at home that begins with the letter of the week and bring it in to share in our letter box. Be sure to refer to our calendar to see which letters we’re introducing each month. Having tangible items in our classrooms to represent the letter of the week help us reinforce our lessons and understanding of letters and their sounds. Please make sure your child is an active participant in finding something to bring, and remember to have fun!

Fall Fundraiser

On September 29th you’ll find a holiday fundraiser packet in your child’s cubby. There’s no obligation to participate. All profits from our fundraiser will go toward materials for our school. We are giving students and parents free prizes for supporting the fund raiser. Be sure to check out your packet for all the details

Want to know more about our staff? Be sure to check out our staff profiles on our website~ Want to see current pics and video clips of activities happening in our classrooms? Visit our Facebook page~

Miss Heather’s Getting Married!

Congratulations to Miss Heather who will marry her fiance Greg on September 3rd. We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness

Field Trip

Next month the Willows And Redwoods will take a trip to G & M Farms in Livermore to pick a pumpkin and have some fun! We’ll be needing parent drivers for this trip so please reserve the time if you can help us out. Our trip is schedule for Friday October 20th at 10:30am. We will be leaving Growing Years by 9:45am and returning by 1:00pm.

We Look Forward To A Great Year!
Miss Ashley, Miss Roxann, Miss Elli, Miss Charlotte